Darren Blair

Head of Operations – Project Marketing

Darren Blair


Joined Oliver Hume: 2017
Years in the industry: 6
Brand Strategy
Sales / Business Development
Digital Strategy
Lead Generation
Client Service & Account Management
Project Management
Data Analytics
Systems and Product Development
Search Marketing


As a highly-motivated and passionate National Marketing Manager, Darren Blair has a proven track record of providing exemplary levels of service to a vast range of elements within the business environment.

By having the opportunity to work across various industries, Darren has developed a strong business acumen that has given him a broad perspective whilst still being able to focus on his passion being marketing and sales.

Darren thrives on dealing with people whilst providing real value in the work he does. From brand strategy through to highly complex data analytics, Darren is responsible for optimising the marketing performance at Oliver Hume.

His experience in high growth start-ups and the brand agency environment has allowed him to provide a highly agile, fast moving understanding of taking projects to market. As founder of Dailyhomes.co.za, a tech platform and property portal launched in 2013, Darren spent his time devising high growth marketing strategies as well as fund raising through venture capital in South Africa.

Following which Darren spent his time developing integrated brand strategies for a range of industries whilst at Brandnew Creative Agency.

Darren then went onto lead the Sales and Client Service teams at local developer Blok, based in Cape Town, on top of creating each of the company’s sales processes, he went on to personally sell over $25m in value apartments as well as launching nine buildings with the company in under two years.

Upon moving to Melbourne, Darren was instrumental as a part of Capital Property Marketing in his role as Sales and Marketing Manager, launching mid rise projects throughout the city.

As National Marketing Manager at Oliver Hume, Darren has been part of taking on the company’s tech transformation in project marketing. From enhanced live reporting through data visualisation, Darren has helped shape many of the company’s project marketing strategies and systems.

Darren also sits as a committee member on the UDIA.