Investing with Oliver Hume Property Funds

How to build your wealth through our quality property development investment opportunities

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What is Oliver Hume Property Funds?


Oliver Hume Property Funds is one of Australia’s most reputable residential property funds. We manage high-quality property developments, with strong profit and return forecasts founded upon quality research and backed by an extensive, thorough and rigorous due diligence process.


By bringing investors together and pooling their capital, we can achieve a critical mass they can’t always reach individually. Investors can access large scale residential property developments and attractive returns without the stresses and uncertainties of doing it themselves.

Our aim is to match locations with quality products that are designed to be of the greatest appeal to the most affluent buyer, whether they are owner-occupiers or investors. By designing and delivering quality products with strong market appeal, we can aim for high returns for our Fund investors.

Oliver Hume Property Funds holds an Australian Financial Services Licence - number 247074 issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

How does it work?

The most common question we’re asked by clients is ‘what is a Property Development Fund?’ The immediate answer is that it’s a corporate vehicle that gets you into property related investment easily, sometimes for as little as $25,000*.

Development is the process of adding value to a property by maximising its potential. When we do this, we create profit, and therefore a return that is attractive to investors. Therefore, the core of our process is maximising a property development’s potential by transforming land into subdivided lots then apartments or townhouses. At each stage, value is added.

The capital you invest is pooled with other investors’ capital to create a Development Fund that gives you easy investment access to an identified large-scale project, that is its own unique investment opportunity. Undeveloped land is bought at a wholesale price and the aim is that the project’s value can be steadily increased as our development and sales teams complete the design phase, construction and sale of the completed lots (or units) for their retail price. It’s here, where the final profit is realised. Your initial capital plus profits are distributed back to you and that Development Fund is closed.

* Minimum investment amounts can vary. Some of our funds are only open to "sophisticated" or "wholesale" investors. Contact us for details.

How to invest?

We are a specialist Australian property development funds manager who, for many years, has achieved outstanding results for investors. We’re not only good at what we do, we’ve made it simple for you to invest.

For as little as $25,000**, you can become part of Oliver Hume Property Funds and gain access to investing in quality property developments throughout Australia. And, of course, it follows that the returns can be equally exciting.

Enquire now and one of our friendly staff will discuss how you can become a shareholder in our projects.

** Minimum investment amounts can vary. Some of our funds are only open to 'sophisticated' or 'wholesale' or 'retail' investors. Contact us for details and always read the offer document in full before making any decision.


Who can invest?

We cater to sophisticated wholesale and retail investors and self-managed super funds*** looking to build a profitable property investment portfolio. This includes professionals, families and trusts based in Australia and overseas****. If you’d like to invest directly in Oliver Hume Property Funds, lodge an enquiry and we will provide you with further information.

*** Subject to the superfund's own mandate. Note we cannot give personal financial advice.
**** Subject to your local laws and restrictions.

Why consider investing in one of our property funds?

Proven track record

We have an outstanding track record of delivering residential projects in desirable locations, on time and on budget, and with many achieving excellent returns of at least 15% p.a (pre-tax). *****

Property development pipeline of $800 million

There are several planned property development projects in apartment construction and land subdivision sites in Melbourne and South East Queensland.

Excellent expertise

Our experienced development and finance teams manage our projects and work with the best architects, interior and landscape designers and builders to construct premium quality buildings.

Strong due diligence

Prior to site acquisition, we research local economic and population trends, then complete a feasibility study. All our projects have Property Investment Ratings. We are the holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence.

Market intelligence of Oliver Hume Corporation and research division

Our team provide market insights, forecasts and in-depth analysis helping us to identify development opportunities.

***** Past performance is not an indicator of future performance

Why property development funds?

With low official cash rates, many investors are looking to diversify into other investments. Real estate is an opportunity to achieve strong risk adjusted returns, yet successful property development funds can potentially achieve even higher returns for investors.

An investor might find the cost of direct property investment too high and beyond their means. By choosing Property Development Funds, you can access a range of large scale development projects that you may not be able to finance by yourself.

How do we deliver projects?

Oliver Hume Property Funds - Identify site


1. Identify site and due diligence

Monitor and research market opportunities and complete feasibility study.

Oliver Hume Property Funds - Acquire site


2. Acquire site and get approval

Funds investment committee reviews site acquisitions.

Oliver Hume Property Funds - Organise funding


3. Organise funding

Raise funding for projects by syndication and land and construction bank loans.

Oliver Hume Property Funds - Planning approval


4. Get planning approval and deliver project

Submit plans to council for planning and development permit. Development managers oversee construction and give you quarterly updates.

Oliver Hume Property Funds - Capital return


5. Return your capital and dividends at end of project

At completion of project and sale of all units or lots, the bank or other financier debt is settled first. The your capital and dividends are returned to you.

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