• Property Type: Townhouses, House & Land, Land
  • Location: Sunbury
  • Price range: $320,000 - $630,000



Maplestone is an exciting living destination. This master-planned community has been created by leading urban designers and planners with a thoughtful design that gently integrates its beautiful surroundings. The vision is to bring you a naturally connected lifestyle. A home surrounded by natural beauty, balanced with the best of urban conveniences.


Sales Office: 605 Sunbury Road, Sunbury, VIC 3809
Contact Hours: By Appointment Only
Phone: (03) 9684 8199

Project Highlights

  • With a fantastic view of the city, a large conservation area with waterways and moments from the serenity of Jacksons Creek, Maplestone is a nature lovers paradise. Its winding paths, historic bluestone bridge and a plethora of local wildlife. make it a very natural yet relaxing place to live.


RCL Group


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