Zest Living

Zest Living
  • Property Type: Land
  • Location: Yarrawonga



A friendly smile and a welcoming wave is how you start the day at Zest Living. Extraordinary lives come together to make a real community of people over 55, with new experiences to share.
Desire convenience and security? Safety and security are guaranteed at Zest Living. And with countless amenities on site, you have everything you need to indulge your passions and discover new pursuits.


Sales Office: 1/7 Silverwoods Blvd, Yarrawonga VIC 3730
Contact Hours: 10am - 4pm
Phone: 03 9684 8104
Email: zestliving@oliverhume.com.au

Project Highlights

  • Dedicated to the extraordinary lives of people over 55 and those with new experiences to share, Zest living offers the convenience and security of which safety and security are guaranteed. Countless amenities on site offers everything you desire in relaxed living and joy fulfillment.


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